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Modern Handmade

Suitable for all your decorative ideas. Make your home look luxurious, cosy and soft underfoot. Made by 235g per square foot high density durable acrylic yarn with non-slip pure cotton backing. Easy care (recommended for low and mid foot traffic).


Great for the classic and timeless look in your home. Made by heat set polypropylene. Durable high density. Hard wearing and fade resistant. Anti-static qualities and resistant to stains. Will tolerate heavy foot traffic (recommended for mid and heavy foot traffic area).

Woven & Natural Fibre

Natural fibre and hand woven rugs create a casual and relaxed feel. They add great texture and are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.


Round shape rugs can soften sharp lines, bring balance to an angled room and add softness.


Make your home look modern, classy and extra soft underfoot. Made by 4cm fine fibre with 100% non-slip cotton backing.